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Mad About Danoli

The late Tom Foley (trainer) and Dan O'Neill (owner) recall the life and times of Danoli, The People's Champion, and one of the greatest racehorses Ireland has ever seen.

The Story of a Rohingyan Journey

Angela Mahon documents her journey to Bangladesh going to a refugee camp there and hearing the plight of the people who have fled violence, rape and the murder of relatives in their homeland. The documentary touches on the positive effects of integration by recording the experiences of some of the Rohingya refugees who came to Carlow in 2009 as part of the UNHCR resettlement programme.

Preview: The Story of a Rohingyan Journey

Next in the Documentaries on KCLR series is The Story of a Rohingyan Journey, presented in full by Angela Mahon as she documents travels to refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Bridge Street Will Be

Monica Hayes goes behind the scenes of the 2015 Abhainn Ri Festival in Callan, Co. Kilkenny which produced the 'Bridge Street Will Be' project which aimed to breathe new life and creativity into street that had lapsed into a ghostly monument to a dim past.

Preview: Bridge Street Will Be

Producer Monica Hayes introduces 'Bridge Street Will Be', a 2015 production that transformed Bridge Street in Callan, Co. Kilkenny. Once a bustling thoroughfare, the street has lapsed since the opening of the Callan by-pass, but was set to be transformed through an interactive street theatre experience.

As We Like It: Episode 7 - Death

The one certainty of life is death and that marks the focus of our seventh and final instalment of As We Like It.

As We Like It: Episode 6 - Pantaloon

Old age! What is old age? Do we respect our elders? These and other philosophical questions are discussed in this episode of ‘As We Like It’.

As We Like It: Episode 5 - Justice

Our ‘As We Like It’ series moves on to the next phase, Middle Age or Justice.

As We Like It: Episode 4 - Soldier

The Soldier phase of life is the working phase, the time for earning and focusing on what profession makes you happy.

As We Like It: Episode 3 - Lover

Love! What is love? We grapple this and other questions in this the third stage of life – Lover.

As We Like It: Episode 2 - Schoolboy

In the second program in our ‘As We Like It’ series we feature the second stage ‘Schoolboy’.

As We Like It: Episode 1 - Infancy

The first stage of life – Infancy. In this program we explore the miracle of birth and the development of the infant.

Preview: As We Like It

As We Like It is a radio series that explores the seven stages of life according to Shakespeare’s quote from ‘As You Like It’ - "All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages."

Carlow Hops To Luxembourg

‘Carlow Hops to Luxembourg’, is a documentary that traces the journey of a pilgrimage group, mainly from Carlow, who travel to Luxembourg to take part in the annual Hopping Procession in honour of Saint Willibrord, Patron Saint of Luxembourg.

Preview: Carlow Hops To Luxembourg

Get a preview of 'Carlow Hops To Luxembourg', next in the Documentaries on KCLR series.

Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down: Episode 5

In the final programme we tell the story of the closure of the mines, its impact on the town, the community fight back and the establishment of the Castlecomer Discovery Park.

Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down: Episode 4

Programme 4 delves in to the industrial relations in Castlecomer in the 20th century. We hear about the main characters of the time, the mine owner Captain Wandesforde and his adversary, union leader and later ally Nicholas Nixie Boran. We hear about the strikes, the miner's health struggles and the fight for compensation.

Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down: Episode 3

The third programme is all about impact the mines had on life in Castlecomer. We hear about the life over ground, the miners social life and hear from the wives and daughters of the miners.

Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down: Episode 2

In programme two, we hear about the the life of the miners underground and hear from some of former miners who tell their stories of life at the coal face and from their families.

Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down: Episode 1

In the first programme we hear about the history and indeed the pre-history. We hear about the unique geology of the are in the Leinster coalfield the story of mining from the Iron age to the closure of the mines in the late 1960s.

Preview: Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down

Hear from producer Martin Bridgeman as he introduces his documentary Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down, exploring the mining life of Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny

The Skinny on the Schism: Part 4

In our final programme, we hear about how the Fr. Robert O'Keeffe affair went on to influence proceedings in the English Parliament and explore why the English decided not to get involved.

The Skinny on the Schism: Part 3

The Catholic Church suspend Fr O'Keeffe as parish priest of Callan, manager of the National School and chaplain of Poor House. The suspension comes from Cardinal Cullen and is published! Fr. O'Keeffe says its libel and takes Cardinal Cullen to court.

The Skinny on the Schism: Part 2

The story unfolds in our docu-drama 'The Skinny on the Schism', and in Part 2 we hear that the priest Fr. Robert O'Keeffe begins to take court cases against his bishop and curates. The town of Callan is split between loyalties to the priest and bishop, while rioting and fighting break out in the town.

The Skinny on the Schism: Part 1

The Skinny on the Schism is a four part docu-drama that tells the story of Fr Robert O’Keeffe and the Callan Schism. In this episode, we are introduced to Callan Parish Priest, Fr Robert O’Keeffe. You will hear about the argument he had with his Bishop as the story of the schism unfolds.

Introducing The Skinny on The Schism

Producer Monica Hayes introduces The Skinny on The Schism, a new 4-part documentary series exploring the Callan schism.

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