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The Skinny on the Schism: Part 4

In our final programme, we hear about how the Fr. Robert O'Keeffe affair went on to influence proceedings in the English Parliament and explore why the English decided not to get involved.

The Skinny on the Schism: Part 3

The Catholic Church suspend Fr O'Keeffe as parish priest of Callan, manager of the National School and chaplain of Poor House. The suspension comes from Cardinal Cullen and is published! Fr. O'Keeffe says its libel and takes Cardinal Cullen to court.

The Skinny on the Schism: Part 2

The story unfolds in our docu-drama 'The Skinny on the Schism', and in Part 2 we hear that the priest Fr. Robert O'Keeffe begins to take court cases against his bishop and curates. The town of Callan is split between loyalties to the priest and bishop, while rioting and fighting break out in the town.

The Skinny on the Schism: Part 1

The Skinny on the Schism is a four part docu-drama that tells the story of Fr Robert O’Keeffe and the Callan Schism. In this episode, we are introduced to Callan Parish Priest, Fr Robert O’Keeffe. You will hear about the argument he had with his Bishop as the story of the schism unfolds.

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