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Episode 20 - Trees as the Route to Happiness Whether its Walking or Wood Turning

This is the last programme in the series, and it features ways in which we get joy out of Trees. To this end Monica met wood-turner Liam Kirwan who takes great pleasure in making wooden objects from different types of trees. But first she took a walk with Kilkenny man and Coillte manager Mick Power to hear about Coillte's open forest policy

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 19 - Community Engagement and Wellness in Woodlands with the Acorn Project

The Acorn Project is a community engagement project in Kilkenny which aims to build connection with nature through developing workshops that get people out into the woodlands, saving seeds, planting seeds and growing native trees.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 18 - Exploring Engineered Wood Products in a Visit to Smartply

OSB is an example of an engineered wood product. And what is OSB- Orientated Strand Board? Well, have a listen to find out. In this programme Monica meets Neil Foot, CEO of Smartply and Medite and David Murray who oversees Technical Affairs and Ireland's Sales at both companies.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 17 - Farm Forestry from an IFA Perspective

Andrew O'Carroll is Kilkenny's Representative on the National IFA Farm Forestry Committee and Monica meets him and Michael Somers, Forestry Advisor with Teagasc and regular contributor to this series, at Andrew's Sitka Spruce plantation in Ballygorteen, Paulstown to chat about all things forestry.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 16 - Recreation, Research & Conservation at John F Kennedy Arboretum

At the John F Kennedy Arboretum in New Ross Co Wexford there is a big collection of trees from all over the world. These trees are nice to look at and the arboretum is a beautiful place to visit but there is also research and conservation work being carried there too. The results of this work are proving to be particularly important given the weather changes we are experiencing due to global warming

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 15 - Adding Value to Fallen Hardwoods at Lisnavagh House

This week Monica visits Lisnavagh House in Rathvilly Co Carlow to meet William Bunbury. He has come up with ways to add value to the hardwood trees that have fallen on their estate by establishing Bunbury Boards and Lisnavagh Timber Project.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 14 - Trees and the Castlecomer Discovery Park

In this programme Monica takes a visit to the Castlecomer Discovery Park to explore the role of Trees in supporting our mental health and wellbeing.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 13 - Tree Research in Teagasc

In this programme, recorded at Oak Park research centre in Carlow, Frances McHugh, Forestry Advisor and Ian Short, Dheeraj Rathore and Oliver Sheridan, research scientists, talk about how the work that they do and how it is translated into practical measures in the forest.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 12 - Agroforestry: The Answer to a lot of Issues

Towards the end of 2021 there was a farm walk where interested parties learned about Agroforestry - a system of combining trees and grass on the same plot of land and rearing animals around it.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 11 - Christmas Tree Life

Between pruning and debudding Christmas trees demand a lot of care during their ten years of growing. Michael O'Gorman of Celtic Christmas Trees, Kilkenny gives us an insight into the process

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 10 - Ballintemple Tree Nursery

This week Monica visits Coillte's Ballintemple Tree Nursery just outside Ardattin Co Carlow. There they process seeds and rear trees from seed before being sent out to the forest for planting. In this piece we hear from Dermot O'Leary Nursery Manager and Monica Murphy, Seed and Veg Propagation Manager

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust -Episode 9 - The Ash Tree, where there is life there's hope

In this programme hear about ash die back disease and the hope that resistant trees, growing in a wood in Kilkenny, can save the day... The loss of ash is too big to contemplate from an environmental and hurling point of view.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 8 - Whiskey Barrels, a Potential new Industry for Irish Oak Trees

The presence of the Oak Tree in our life does not and should not depend on its economic value. However a new use for its wood could be emerging in the form of staves for whiskey barrels. In this programme Monica meets farmer Ger Daly who grows oak trees, Bernard Walsh of Walsh Whiskey, Audrey Gleeson of the Independent Stave Company, Ian Leonard from Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ireland and Enguerrand Vandenbossche from Tullamore Dew Distillery

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust Episode 7 - Trees and Water

Trees and Water is the topic of this episode in Trees: From Seed to Sawdust

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 6 - To Plant or Not to Plant

'I have never been sorry that I planted trees'. So says one farmer in the 6th programme in Trees: From Seed to Sawdust. To plant or not to plant? Plant - it's good for the environment & your back pocket.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 5: A Wood Chip Perspective

This programme is recorded at the Irish Wood Producer's Wood Chip Depot in New Ross and explores the role of wood chip from an environmental and economic perspective.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 4 - The Music in Trees

Trees are important in every facet of our lives. Especially in relation to music and creativity which trees have been giving us, here in Ireland, for a least 4,150 years.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 3 - From the Forest to the Sawmill

Have you ever seen the letters FSC on a box of tissues or on the wrapping paper enclosing the paper for the printer. In this programme we explore the concept of sustainable forestry management and how the letters FSC and PEFC certify wood products which have been made from forests managed sustainably.

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust Episode 2 - A Trip to an Apple Orchard

Rod and Julie Calder Potts grow apple trees at Highbank Orchard just off the Callan Road Kilkenny. In this programme we hear the secrets of how to grow healthy organic apple trees and run a successful business making Highbank Orchard Apple Syrups, Vinegars, Ciders and other products

Trees: From Seed to Sawdust Episode 1 - From the Celts to Carbon

Trees! The Celts worshipped them and now we value them for their timber and for environmental reasons.

Nore Vision Episode 9: The Future Plans of Nore Vision

It’s all about creating community engagement with the River Nore with the ultimate aim of establishing a long term Trust that looks after the community’s interests in the river. This is the final programme in the series and it explores the future of the project as it transitions into the Nore Vision Catchment Trust.

Nore Vision Episode 8: Industry on the River

In Programme 8 we explore how industry has moulded itself around the geological landscape of the River Nore in the form of mining, milling, brewing and more.

Nore Vision Episode 7: Activities on the River

The River Nore provides a great space for outdoor activities and in this programme we feature some of the people who swim, fish, walk and boat on the river.

Nore Vision Episode 6: Uplands and Farming

In the 6th programme in the Nore Vision radio series we visit the uplands of the River Nore, talk about the farm walks organised by Nore Vision, discuss farm ecology and explore the role of the farmer and farm policy in improving the water quality of the River Nore

Nore Vision Episode 5: Littering

Nore Vision is a project established by Leader to create community engagement with the River Nore and to set up a river trust that looks after the governance of the river. The following programme looks at the problem of litter and it’s impact on the environment and the economy.

Nore Vision Episode 4: Oral History

Nore Vision is a Kilkenny Leader Partnership initiative that is encouraging community engagement with the River Nore with the aim of establishing a River Trust which will act as a liaison between all those who have an interest in the river. In this programme we focus on the Oral History strand of the project and hear from Patrick Lydon and from the people who participated in the Oral History Workshops

Nore Vision Episode 3: Invasive Species

Invasive species are the second biggest cause of biodiversity loss in the world and we have quite a few living in and around the River Nore like Himalyan Balsalm and Crayfish plague for example.

Nore Vision Episode 2: Citizen Science Water Quality Projects

In this programme we hear about the Nore Vision Citizen Science project and it’s role in keeping an eye on the water quality in the Nore and it’s tributaries.

Nore Vision Episode 1: An Introduction to Nore Vision

In this the first programme we hear about why the Nore Vision Project was established, what is has achieved and it’s aims for the future

Mad About Danoli

The late Tom Foley (trainer) and Dan O'Neill (owner) recall the life and times of Danoli, The People's Champion, and one of the greatest racehorses Ireland has ever seen.

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