Trees: From Seed to Sawdust - Episode 11 - Christmas Tree Life

Between pruning and debudding Christmas trees demand a lot of care during their ten years of growing. Michael O'Gorman of Celtic Christmas Trees, Kilkenny gives us an insight into the process
People are buying their Christmas Trees earlier than before.  That's according to Michael O'Gorman of Celtic Christmas Trees who has been working hard the past month harvesting, packing, delivering and selling his Christmas Trees. They are of the Nordmann Fir variety - rather than Nobel Fir, which is finnicky to grow and requires a particular soil type.  Nordmann Fir keep their needles but they don't smell as nice as the Nobels.  

A huge amount of work goes into caring for Christmas Trees.  After they reach a certain age they require yearly pruning and de-budding to achieve a nice shape.  Each year, says Michel, 'each tree is handled 4 or 5 times'.  

60% of people surveyed as part of this Trees series have artificial rather than real Christmas Trees.  It would be nice if more people bought real Christmas trees.  It supports the local economy - Michael employs 10 or 12 people at this time of the year, it's more environmentally friendly compared to the plastic artificial ones and once they are replanted each year they are a good carbon sink.

Michael plans to retire in ten years time.  He planted his last tree last year.  He has been into trees all his life and he has enjoyed the Christmas trees.  Other people do too.  Michael tells of a man who works in finance who takes December off to sell Christmas trees!  
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