Bridge Street Will Be

Monica Hayes goes behind the scenes of the 2015 Abhainn Ri Festival in Callan, Co. Kilkenny which produced the 'Bridge Street Will Be' project which aimed to breathe new life and creativity into street that had lapsed into a ghostly monument to a dim past.

It’s 2015 and Bridge Street in Callan Co Kilkenny is full of nothing only empty shops.  Dirt from passing traffic has caked to the windows, the shop fronts are rotting and the once colourful street that bustled with activity and economic vibrancy has lapsed into a ghostly monument to a dim past.  

But from decay and ruin will come new life and creativity.  A street theatre event will aim to immerse people into the past through installations inspired by collected stories and through this interactive experience stimulate a shared dream of a brighter future for Bridge Street.  

This radio documentary charts the progress of the Equinox Theatre Group in Callan as they collect and collate some of the old stories associated with the street.  From these stories, they, in conjunction with Devious Theatre Group in Kilkenny and Trasna Productions, will devise a massive live theatre event that will be presented to the people during the Abhainn Ri Festival 2015.  How will it go?  What will be the challenges along the way?  

Produced by Monica Hayes for KCLR, Bridge Street Will Be was supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland through the television license fee.

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